YDLIDAR X4 360-degree 2D LiDAR Ranging Sensor for ROS Robot/ Slam/ 3D Reconstruction Module Ranging range 10m

  • $192.99 USD
  • Save $14.51 USD


YDLIDAR X4 Lidar is a 360-degree two-dimension laser ranging sensor, which based on the principle of triangulation. X4 externally provides PH2.0-8P female connector interface, which has system power supply, data communication, and motor control function interface. It uses 3.3v level serial UART for communication. It comes with a motor driver that has motor speed control function, the motor can be controlled by inputting control signals through the M_EN and M_SCTR two pins externally. X4 uses infrared point pulsed laser and it meets FDA Class I laser safety standards.

It can be applied to robots, such as robot navigation and obstacle avoidance, robot ROS teaching, home sweeping robot navigation and obstacle avoidance. Besides this, it can also used for regional security, environmental scanning and 3D reconstruction.

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