Raspberry Pi Accessory Three Port USB Hub with Ethernet for Raspberry Pi Zero Ethernet DIY Kit Electronic Free Shipping

  • $30.99 USD


The perfect way to add USB ports and network connectivity to your Raspberry Pi Zero or Model A+. We've tested heaps of these adapters and this one is by far the best!
As we all know, raspberry pi zero just has a single usb port, expand the connectivity of your Pi allowing you to connect keyboards, mice, WiFi dongles, and other USB devices while also having a super-handy Ethernet port for wired network connectivity. It is robustly constructed with good cable strain relief. You can expect around 12MB/s through put from the Ethernet port. Surely it also work perfect with other versions of raspberry pi and our PC. Expand your usb port and ethernet port by pluging it into your devices and if you want to use with Pi Zero.