Racing Car for Arduino UNO R3 Learning Kit With G-Sensor, Infrared, iOS/Android APP Remote Control

  • $147.00 USD

Main Feature

  • The Racing Car is a nose wheel steering turnning high speed Arduino smart robot car with automatic tracking of 5 road black lines, buzzer whistle, two RGB indicator light, infrared remote control, APP remote control via bluetooth, G-Sensor control, optional PS2 wireless remote control( PS2 2.4G Wireless)
  • The Racing Car uses Front wheel steering mode which is different from other arduino cars.MG996 servo motor as the front wheel steering drive,you will find very faster and smoothly when you play.Types 370 motors as the rear wheel drive motor controlled by TB6612FNG motor driver shield. There come with a 12V 2000mA large capacity lithium battery which endurance for two hours
  • Equipped with Bluetooth 4 module, which has a longer transmission distance and faster connection speed. Support Android App control, support fast connection (less than 1s connection), support mobile phone gravity induction control
  • The Racing Car can support 5 way infrared black line automatic tracking, a buzzer as a trumpet, two RGB as intelligent car lights, reserved PS2 remote control interface, which support the PS2 wireless remote control
  • Come with a CD,Including detailed description of the Aurora-Racing installation steps, contains 3D installation animation, and detailed install tutorial video will uploaded onto YouTube. The CD contains test progrm and the module application for each module, in the end there is a powerful application which connect all moudles' functions. We will continuously update product functions and courseware contents and publish them to Github in real time
1 x Project Box
1 x Keywish UNO R3 Controller Board 
1 x Motor driver shield
1 x USB Cable
1 x Aluminum alloy plate
1 Pack x Acrylic plate
4 x 65mm Blue Hub
anticollision cotton
4 x M3*35 single Copper pillar
8 x M3*22MM Double copper pillar
45 x M3*8 screw
13 x M3 nut
DC Motor holder
DC Motor
2 x Coupling
2 x M3 Flat-head screw
Motor drive linkage
2 x Motor bearing
1 Pack Gear 
PH2.0mmx20cm Motor Wire
Allen wrench
Cross sleeve
2 x L-type holder
2 x Sector metal holder
2 x Front-wheel steering cup
2 x Front-wheel steering cup articulated shaft
2 pairs Size bearing
2 x M4 Locknut
2 x M2*10 plug
2 x Hexagonal adapter
2 x Ball joints drag link
2 x M2.5*12 screw
4 x M2.5*8 screw
3 x M2.5 Nuts
1 x M3*7 screw
2 x M2.5*12 screw
1 x MG996R Servo Motor
1 x Infrared remote 
5-line infrared tracking module
30cm Male to Female DuPont Line (7pin)
4 x M3*10 Flat-head screw
Several cable ties
12V2000MA lithium battery 
5.5/2.1mm Female to Female DC Conversion Head Adapter
1 x 3*75screwdriver 
1 x 6*100screwdriver
1 x CD-ROM
1 x Cover

Model Number: Tank
Brand Name: Keywish
Supply Voltage: 5V
Dissipation Power: 0.5W
is_customized: Yes
Package: DIP
Operating Temperature: 0-50
Application: Electric Toy
Type: Arduino Robot
Feature 1: infrared remote control
Feature 2: APP remote control via bluetooth
Feature 3: G-Sensor control
Feature 4: optional PS2 wireless remote control(PS2 2.4G Wireless)
Feature 5: with automatic tracking of 5 road black lines, buzzer whistle

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