Keywish for Arduino Nano Project Super Starter Kit with Detailed Tutorial for UNO R3 Mega 2560

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Product description
The Nano Kit is a super starter kit based on Nano V3.0 Micro-controller board,It has 60pcs components with detailed tutorial in a CD including project introduction and source code
The CD-ROM with ios, windows, linux three systems CH34x driver, no need to worry about driver incompatibility issues
newest ultimate Nano Starter Kit with free PDF tutorial(11 lessons)
The Nano Mainboard with pin header (not need to be soldered by yourself),and it is using the chips ATmega328P and CH340, not FT232 as official Arduino
use the driver from above link:
CH340G Replace FT232RL.
Operating Voltage(logic level): 5V.
8 analog inputs ports:A0 ~ A7.
14 Digital input / output ports:TX,RX,D2 ~ D13.
6 PWM ports:D3, D5, D6, D9, D10, D11.
1 pairs of TTL level serial transceiver ports RX / TX.
Support USB download and Power.
Support for external 5V ~ 12V DC power supply.
Support power supply by 9V battery.
Support ISP download.
Package including
1 x Project Box
1 x Emakefun Nano Controller Board
SG90 servo motor
1 x USB mini line
1 x Fan
1 x DC Motor
1 x 400 Holes Breadboard
10 x Resistor(220Ω)
10 x Resistor(560Ω)
10 x Resistor(1k)
10 x Resistor(4.7k)
10 x Resistor(10k)
10 x Resistor(1M)
10 x Resistor(10M)
5 x 1N4007
1 x 4-Digit 7-Segment Display
1 x L293
1 x Active Buzzer
1 x 4N25
1 x tiltSensor
1 x 10k Potentiometer
3 x Photosensitive resistor
2 x NPN Transistor (8050)
2 x NPN Transistor (8550)
4 x Big Button
4 x Big Button cap
1 x flame sensor
1x LM35Temperature Sensor
10 x white LED
10 x Red LED
10 x Green LED
10 x Orange LED
10 x Blue LED
1x Register Card
2 x 24cm Jumper Wire (Male to Male)
2 x 20cm Jumper Wire (Male to Male)
4 x 16cm Jumper Wire (Male to Male)
22 x Jumper Wire 12cm (Male to Male)
1 x 10pin Female-to-male Dupont Wire
1 x Cover

Condition: New
Brand Name: Keywish
Supply Voltage: 5V
Dissipation Power: 0.5W
is_customized: Yes
Package: DIP
Operating Temperature: 0-50
Application: Electric Toy
Type: Arduino Robot

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