K25 Crystal DIY LED Music Spectrum Analyzer USB 3D LED Light Cube Kit Audio RC Spectrum DAC

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(1)25 pieces of crystal board composed of sound pillars design. Product display accuracy.
(2) Two sizes for your choice. If you order the unassembly, it need to weled by yourself ,which is suitable for customers with certain electronic DIY experience.  If you order the assembly one, it is no need for welding,you can use screws to install the acrylic board.
(3)Protected by Kraft paper. Don't worry about it getting scratched during transportation
(4)Transparent color, good transmittance, strong ornamental


Name: 25 Piece Crystal Board LED Music Spectrum
Input voltage: 5V USB
Circuit board material 1.6 mm RF-4 plate
Shell material: 4.8mm Transparent acrylic
Assembly mode:Welding And Twist screw
Control mode:Infrared remote control

Package included:

Crystal Board LED Music Spectrum Kit x 1


(1)product delivery is not welded state suitable for customers with certain electronic DIY experience. If you have any questions please contact us, we will do our utmost to solve your problem
(2)MCU program has been downloaded, installation can be used. If it can't work, please check your MCU direction.

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