DevDuino Development Platform for Arduino Compatible Board Reshaped Enhanced Full Designed DIY Kit 128x64 OLED Display

  • $94.00 USD


DevDuino is a fully designed, reshaped and enhanced Arduino compatible board. DevDuino is not only the best open source solution for anyone who wants to get into the world of Embedded Electronics, it has been designed to be also a day-to-day assistant in fast prototyping, sensors evaluation and debugging for any professionasl electronics engineer.
With DevDuino you can design and develop your own electronics projects in a much more comfortable way. The DevDuino is a successful project on Kickstarter,it includes a lot of great features.


    DevDuino has all the following built-in features compared to classic Arduino:
    1x 1.3 Inches 128x64 OLED Display with SSD1306 controller
    1x Connector for Wi-Fi Module DT-06 or Bluetooth Module HC-06
    1x Micro-SD slot for Data Logging or Memory Extension
    1x Real Time Clock with CR1220 3V back-up battery slot
    1x Temperature sensor
    17x GPIOs with YELLOW Low Power LEDs (3 GPIOS are buffered)
    2x GREEN status Low Power LEDs on +5V and +3.3V
    5x Analog inputs with buffered YELLOW Low Power LEDs
    2x WHITE LEDs for Dark Environment
    1x RED Low Power LED for the Reset Pin
    1x RED Low Power LED for Serial RX and GREEN for Serial TX
    1x Push-Button wired to an INTERRUPTION Input
    1x ON/OFF Power Switch
    1x Slot for a 2 wire Voltmeter (included)
    1x Micro USB Connector

Package list

  • DevDuino Development Platform x 1
  • Bluetooth Module HC-06 X 1
  • 1GB Micro-SD x 1
  • Breadboard 830 tie-points x 1
  • Micro-USB cable x 1
  • WiFi Module x 1

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