Common Component Kit for Arduino Starter Beginners with Plastic Box Including 13 Components

  • $48.99 USD


This kit has more than 13 components for the beginners. You may learn about Arduino through using these basic projects by using your own hands. Try any circuit what you want to the Arduino. You also can choose to use your own breadboard to accomplish your creation.


Various of components
Universal and for Arduino
Box size: 130 x 65 x 22mm
Weight: 170g

Package list

Plastic box x1
400-hole bread board x1
Line 65 x1 sheaf
Four sections fifth battery box x1
Small DC motorx1
10K adjustable potentiometer x1
Three-color plug-in component x1
10UF 50V ceramic capacitor x2
100UF 50V ceramic capacitor x2
22PF ceramic capacitor x5
0.1UF ceramic capacitor x5
PN2222 transistor x5
BC547 transistor x5
Passive buzzer component x1
Photosensitive resistance component x2
Small push button switch x5
4007 diode x5
10K thermistor x1
1K resister x10
1M resister x10
2K resister x10
10K resister x10
10R resister x10
5.1K resister x10
100K resister x10
100R resister x10
200R resister x10
330R resister x10
Red LED x2
Yellow LED x2
Blue LED x2
Green LED x2
White LED x2

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